What Does “Handmade” Mean?

“HANDMADE” emphasises the quality and uniqueness of a particular product or piece of art.

Handmade implies that the workmanship is of a higher quality than something that is machine-made. This means that each piece is unique in itself, there is no piece just like it.

Indeed, there is a certain sentimentality behind the notion of “handmade.” This means that you have bought something so special and meaningful to a particular person, considering that someone has delicately invested so much time, effort, love and knowledge in that particular piece of art or product.

Handmade workmanship is not mass-produced. It challenges you to turn off conformism for a moment. Instead of shopping in a big retail store or from a world-famous brand, your shopping has a sense of meaning and purpose. More so, your shopping supports a passion, a family, keeping centuries of tradition alive…

So, join us at Esnaf where everything is made with love.

From artisans to you!