Creative Macedonia

When is the time when you are the most creative? When do you get your great ideas? In the shower? Reading?

We were driving long road with my husband, while I was sitting in the back with our 2 years old son. He was sleeping as we were whispering most of the time.

Then I got it and shouted:

– Creative Macedonia!

He shushed me quietly, what are you talking about, what is that?
I said I don’t know, it just came to me, this is going to be something beautiful. I said with a huge smile on my face.
At that very I quickly checked if there was something already existing with that name, but luckly I found nothing! On that drive I bought the domain

That was the begining of the last month of my 9 to 5 work.

After many sleeples nights, milion times questioning of this was the right choice I did it.
I had the full support from my husband and my friend. It is a tough desicion to have loans and a small kid and quit your job.

The spark that lead to fire, were the artisans who were writing to me all year long and asking for another bazar. Listing all the problems I faced as artisan, trying to find a creative solution.

Institute for development of creative and innovative potential of young and adults – Creative Macedonia.

8 bazaars (including the first one I did with cestitka), 300 artisans contracted, organized 39 workshops for learning new artisan skills, 350 people who learned, 2 exhibitions, 1 artisan legal training.

It took one year for all of this. It was a really good foundation for what was coming next…