Where to buy handmade gifts in Skopje

When you visit Macedonia, in addition to all the beauties that you will experience, you will want to bring something that will always evoke memories of this Piece of Paradise. Why you must buy it from ESNAF?

Esnaf offers you the opportunity to peek into the world of Macedonian handicrafts and choose a piece that is made with a lot of love.  A piece that carries a story, that evokes emotions and most importantly, a piece that is unique as you or the person for whom you chose to give it to.

Esnaf is environmentally conscious, socially responsible that has every piece crafted in harmony with nature, from natural or recycled materials.

Buying in Esnaf, you support real people, talented individuals who in the age of globalisation are living proof that the traditional artisans skills have more value than anything industry made.

ESNAF welcomes you to Macedonia, the country full of tradition and wonderful handcrafted gifts, souvenirs.