After 3 years cruising (read working) around the world, I decided to stop and have a break. Well not a real break, it was time to wear brases. The thing that was really difficult for me was to dock my spirit and curiosity for discovering new places and cultures. I was dying of boredom.  Boredom that was interrupted by a simple question from my friend:

– Izabela, look what I got as a gift from my aunt, do you know how this card is made?

There it was, this paper card made with unknown technique that triggered me. I wanted to find out more, but It was difficult to find out its name! It looked like a filigree, but made of paper. And yes finally, this technique that involves rolling of colored paper strips – is Quilling, and it will be feeding my hunger for discoveries.

My first attempts of quilling were awful designs that I don’t want to talk about. As they improved, the desire for it to become my determination and way of life got bigger. But it was impossible! And for many reasons: there was no workshop to learn more, I was not eligible to register as artisan, high prices for participation on handicraft bazaars (if I got lucky to be accepted), high costs to rent space and open shop… But, hey! They all prepared me for the big moment!

I have been cruising through a lot of labyrinths, and most of the time on rough sea, with lots of rain and few sun rays that will lead the way.

This cruising is a journey to a destination that no one has ever been.

Welcome aboard and get ready for exciting journey!