Bazaar – a market where you sell your own handmade products. Apart from enjoying and having fun of creating something beautiful with your own hands, imagine that someone admires it and finally he gives you money for it! You feel good and you definitly enjoy making and selling handicrafts! But bazaars happens once or twice a month. And not every month.  Different organizations are making it, at a different location, at a different time. The participation fee depends, but first your application need to be accepted. It’s not a constant way of earning.

On the bazaar day, sometimes you sell a lot and sometimes you don’t. It depends from the products, period of the year, visitors and most important YOU. Because you are the one that needs to attract and tell your story to the customers. Other thing that makes it special is the unique experience to spend the day with other creatives like you. You’ll see what’s new, what has changed, upgraded. You will also learn how to be better the next time. As a participant I have had some interesting experiences visiting different bazaars.

At one point there was no place to participate, the maximum was fulfilled. In another bazaar the price of participation was much higher than usual, and I had no resources to participate. And I said to myself, I wish I had a place somewhere to organize a bazaar, to get all the craftsmen together! To accept everyone, both experienced and beginners, so they can sell together and learn from eachother how to be better.

– Why don’t you calculate the expences for renting hall in a hotel and then split the price by table?

It was simple at the begining. I announced a call for participants and on the day of my mothers birthday, happened the first New Year’s Handicrafts Bazaar in Hotel Continental.

But this post is not enough to describe all the feelings and challenges that have come with taking this step. It is easy to participate in the bazaar. You apply, you go to the table, you set up, you sell and you go. And what does it mean to organize? Simply said, it’s like making a route in a dense impassable forest! Choosing location, date, time, tables, chairs, tents, program, call for participants, coordinators, design, advertising, awards .. and all of this for the cost of your time and nerves. No one to support you financially!

65 exhibitors with unique creative handicrafts. Children’s theater show, Santa Claus spreading the Christmas spirit and taking photos, giving prizes, gifts. The energy and magic of this bazaar is something that the artisans and visitors are going to talk about for long time. Many of them were participating for the first time and we all together have created something beautiful and powerful. It was the thing that made me take another step forward.