Srma – delicate, soft, shiny, beautiful, traditional Macedonian silk thread

The authenticity of Srma

Hi readers! My name is Stefani Taskova Miteva, I assist with Esnaf’s international business development. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the importance of Srma in the Macedonian culture and its traditions, and on its authenticity; something I otherwise would not have learnt if not having met Izabela and the Esnaf team.

Srma – delicate, soft, shiny, beautiful, traditional Macedonian silk thread.

I was always mesmerised by traditional Macedonian symbols made of srma. The butterfly or the peacock for example. But nothing quite captured the importance of srma and the filigree technique for me, and what it meant to the Macedonian people, until I recently learnt, upon meeting Izabela, Esnaf’s Founder, for the first time; that srma is not protected as part of Macedonia’s traditions, culture and history.

And so, I realised these arts have a higher and more authentic meaning for Macedonia and its people. By using srma, artisans incorporate history, folklore, tradition, nature, beauty, [Macedonian] identity in their creations. Safeguarding, promoting and encapsulating “Macedonia” in its entirety in one single piece of art.

This is why the use of srma is so important to Esnaf and the artisans. And why Macedonians must protect it and pass it onto the next generations. For by doing so, they share centuries of art, culture and tradition with the world.